Edgy Catholic
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When the Wood Is Dry: An Edgy Catholic Thriller

“Sometimes we must suffer if we are to save souls.”

Blind Prophet, Episode 2: Spiritual Warfare

What if a boy born blind and autistic gained vision into the spiritual realm, where demons tempt and angels defend?

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Elektra Voltare: Blessed with Awful

“On the day of my baptism, I killed my father…” So begins the story of Elektra Voltare, a teenager raised in a monastery, bred for an environment of mass extinction, wracked with guilt over having caused the death of her parents, and separated from a world her mutant power would disrupt into chaos. Caught between the ruling powers who would dissect her, harvest her power, and use her DNA to create a bioweapon and those who would use her powers to disable all electronic weapons and tools, Elektra must resist the temptation to bring on an even darker future…

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Elektra Voltare: Eve of the Memes

The Elektra Voltare story continues in Elektra Voltare: Eve of the Memes. Elektra, having gained control of her mutant power to absorb electricity, journeys outside the walls of her lead-lined cell to rescue others of her kind at the Most Holy Trinity Monastery after a suicide bombing attack and faces the temptation to be come “Eve of the Memes”–the mother of a race of superpowered humans.

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