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When the Wood Is Dry: An Edgy Catholic Thriller

How Edgy is it?
How Catholic is it?

When the Wood Is Dry: An Edgy Catholic Thriller is the example par excellence of what we are talking about when we talk about Edgy-Catholic Fiction.  The story is a kind of classical tragedy based on the stories of virgin martyrs.  The work is as edgy as it gets without falling into the abyss, featuring scenes of brutality and violence rarely seen in works containing strong religious content, while avoiding any depictions that might make the violence appealing or enticing.  Quests for vengeance result only in the most bitter of consequences and the way of peace through suffering has its reward in the end.  This powerful and intriguing story is quintessentially Catholic in perspective, with visions of Jesus and the Blessed Mother throughout the protagonist’s journey, a trail that parallels quite openly the way of the cross.

The edgy nature at times seems to overwhelm the Catholic nature and some readers may be turned off by the profane language, so for them, a special “Catholic Edition” is available, though the cleaner language will not spare them from the intense scenes and violence.  The main character, Lali, is on a spiritual quest as she walks in the footsteps of Christ, which, subjects her to the cruelty of the modern equivalent of a crucifixion.  Jesus’ admonition in her dream, “Sometimes we must suffer if we are to save souls,” echoes in her mind with each step along the path.  The thematic content demands a blunt-force treatment that could not be softened without losing its meaning.

If you have the stomach for it and are up to the journey, you will be rewarded in the end, as were the disciples on the third day after Christ’s passion.  But, it is a hard way through a narrow gate and just what we might expect, now that the wood is dry.

When the Wood Is Dry is a book that “needs to be read,” as one reviewer commented. The EBook is available for FREE on Amazon and other EBook sites. Also available in hardcover and paperback, it makes a nice Easter gift for any edgy character in your life.  But, not for kids…

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