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Merry Friggin’ Christmas: An Edgy Christmas Comedy–Naughty Edition

The perfect gift for that Bah-humbug! in your life!  

“A funny book about Christmas and a dead comedy man…”

Based on The Life of Carlton St. Michael, the NUMBER ONE TOP RATED show on the URN! 

So, who is Carlton St. Michael?

Carlton St. Michael is an up-and-coming atheist stand-up comic on the verge of fame and fortune. The only problem is, he’s dead. Actually, twice dead.  Caught dead in Jersey.  Twice.

And, his life story has become the number one top-rated show on the Undying Rerun Network (URN). 

A Christmas Comedy, of all things.

But Carlton isn’t buying any of it. He’s out to prove it’s all some near-death hallucination that will fade to black when he really dies, or vanish when he awakes.

Carlton is frustrated to find that, wherever he is, his laptop either digitally bleeps his colorful language or colors it over in Christmasy euphemisms.  

But, no worries! We have painstakingly recolored his favorite words in this naughty edtition, so you can enjoy his story in his unfiltered language.  Or, at least, the best we can figure his unfiltered language would be.  

Be advised, however, Carlton does not leave many crayons in the box and unused when it comes to coloring, so if you are easily offended, please seek out the standard edition.

So, are you dying to see how this story turns out? Well, that’s the only way to see it on the URN. You have to die first. But Carlton has written it all down for you, so you can enjoy it without venturing beyond the veil. 

Even if you are dying to enjoy Carlton’s story, you need not go that far. You can get the EBook, NOW!

Warning: Merry Friggin’ Christmas is a Christmas Comedy for Adults and is too edgy for children under age 13.