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Blind Prophet

How Edgy is it?
How Catholic is it?

Blind Prophet is a Graphic Novel that will be published in seven episodes.  The story is about a boy born blind and autistic, who begins having visions of angels and demons, and gains the ability to understand how the demons are tempting people.  Currently, four episodes are in print and also available as Kindle EBooks.

We give them an edgy rating of Edgy and a Catholic rating of Catholic.  Episodes 2 and 3 feature a priest giving advice on how to interpret the visions, so we give some credit for the presence of a priest as a positive character.   One concern, however, is that temptations are always shown as having a demonic origin, when a more accurate model would also consider the world and the flesh, but some leeway is given to create an effective way to tell a story.

The edgy rating derives from the debate over whether to have an abortion that occurs in Episode 1, and the rather disturbing depictions of violence.  There is little, if any profanity noted, but mature subject matter, for sure.  We would not recommend this work for children under the age of 13.


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