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The Virgin Spring

How Edgy is it?
How Catholic is it?

The Virgin Spring, released in 1960 and available on DVD with English subtitles, is an early film example of what we call Edgy Catholic.  We give it the Edgiest rating, owing to its depiction of a brutal rape and murder of an innocent young girl on her way to deliver candles to a church.  The Virgin Spring is a Christian version of a vengeance story, depicting a fairly dramatic case of what Christians would call back-sliding, as the father of the victim reverts to his former pagan ways, and takes vengeance on the men involved in the rape, but in the end repents and vows to do penance.  The story is heartbreaking, touching and edgy.

This movie influenced my writing of When The Wood Is Dry, with which it shares the tragic elements of an innocent girl being raped, and a father taking vengeance.

You can check it out at this link:

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