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Marvel’s Daredevil, Seasons 1 and 2

How Edgy is it?
How Catholic is it?

We’re giving Daredevil credit for trying, and, yes, giving it an Edgy Rating of Edgy and a Catholic rating of Catholic, though it is not all that edgy by today’s standards, and not very Catholic.  However, it tries to be at least a little bit Catholic, by means of its main character saying that he is Catholic, and occasionally going to a priest for advice.  That’s special for a comic book character.  But, it gets things a little bit wrong. In one episode, the Matt Murdock character, who is Daredevil, goes to a priest to confess a sin he has not yet comitted, which, for a Catholic, would only make the sin more serious.  No true Catholic would go to a priest for absolution from a sin he has yet to commit.  Knowing something is a sin is a reason not to do it.  At least, the priest in the show did not grant a preemptive absolution!   But it’s just not a realistic situation. Also, Mr. Murdock’s Catholic moral sense seems to allow throwing some guy from a window and landing him in a coma, as long as he doesn’t die.  Also, fornication is okay, with no pangs of conscience, nor need for confession. Most of the sexual content is appropriately hidden and implied.  There is little or no profanity.  The story suffers a bit from the stakes being a little low for a comic book story, and the villains not being quite so terrifying, but it is an enjoyable show nonetheless.  The second season’s introduction of the Punisher character is a welcome addition of an edgier character.  We give Daredevil credit for trying to put a little positive Catholic references into a comic book show. There are some sexual situations, and violence consistent with a pg-13 rating, so we give it an edgy, and there is a Catholic main character, even if he doesn’t try very hard to actually follow Catholic teaching, so we give it a Catholic rating. Here’s some links where you can get Marvel’s Daredevil on Amazon:

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