Edgy Catholic
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Odd Thomas – Forever Odd

How Edgy is it?
How Catholic is it?

Odd Thomas: Forever Odd is the second in the Odd Thomas series.  While not as edgy as the first Odd Thomas book, Forever Odd gains an Edgier rating and maintains a Catholic rating.  Exploring the dangers of phone sex and black-magic voodoo women, we are treated to the Odd One saving a childhood friend but spared the edgier encounters with ghosts of rape victims.  But, phone sex and black-magic voodoo women do fall in the edgier category.  As for the Catholic end, the book deals with the reanimation of the dead versus a type of death and resurrection.

The villain is a woman infatuated with all things occult and all things supernatural who is thoroughly corrupt, enough so that she kidnaps a child with a disability to get a closer look at the Odd One and his supernatural gifts.  Forever Odd is solidly in our Edgy Catholic world, as are most of our contemporary favorite Dean Koontz’s works.