Edgy Catholic
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Our Approach

Edgy Catholic is meant to appeal across religious lines, and to be enjoyed by most anyone, but to have a Catholic worldview.  It is typically not openly preachy, and emphasizes a compelling story, rather than overt evangelization.  The Catholicism may be hidden and symbolic, as in Tolkien's, The Lord of the Rings, or more overt, as in Greene's. The End of the Affair, but it has to be there, if it is Edgy Catholic.  But, as is clear from these very different works, the label can apply to most any genre.

Our Story

Hi, I'm Joseph Cillo, Jr.

When I considered what exactly I seemed to be up to when I started writing, it became apparent that I was not particularly interested in creating a series within a genre, which is an eminently more sensible approach.  I was instead beginning a journey to see if I could embed my Catholic values into quality works in a number of different genres, particularly targeted at adults, or at least, teens and above.  I call this new grouping, genre, multiple sub-genre, or whatever, "Edgy Catholic." The most basic definition is fiction from a Catholic perspective, not meant for the whole family, which may include significant mature elements of sex and violence, but where sin is always sin, and evil is evil, no matter how graphically it is displayed or described.

Meet the Team

It's just little old me, for now...

Yours Freely

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