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Blind Prophet, Episode 4: The Great Demon Of Pride


Are you ready for the Blind Prophet, Episode 4?

No, really, seriously? Are you ready?

Because things start getting mind-bending. And that’s what we call the Blind Prophet Experience…

In Episode 4, The Great Demon Of Pride, Daniel gains more incite into the demons’ plans, culminating in a series of terrifying visions, which he experiences as he performs for the President.

Check out our new kind of hero as he encounters for the first time the Great Demon of Pride, and its horrific plans for the future of the United States!

Blind Prophet is a graphic novel published in 7 episodes that kinda spooks people. And Episode 4, well that’s the episode that does spooks them most.

Readers ask, Could this really happen?

Reviews have said things like:

“…The concept is beautiful, the execution mind-bending.”
“It most certainly does not pull any punches…”
“In all honestly this book really shook me up…this book is scary because it could happen.”

So what is it about Blind Prophet, Episode 4: The Great Demon Of Pride that unnerves people?

Well, we just don’t want to spoil it for you, but if you were a demon, and you were tempting a president, well, you might go big, now wouldn’t you?

Oh, but demons don’t tempt presidents! Or, do they?

But remember; it’s just a comic book…

Blind Prophet is the story of a boy born blind and autistic, who undergoes an experimental procedure that gives him the ability to peer into the spiritual realm, where he sees Angels and Demons vying for human souls.

Blind Prophet, Episode 1: A Prophet Is Born is permanently FREE, so check that one out, if you haven’t already!


Welcome to Blind Prophet!