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Gran Torino

How Edgy is it?
How Catholic is it?

We give Gran Torino an Edgier rating and a Totally Catholic rating!  Gran Torino is the kind of thing we are talking about when we talk about Edgy Catholic.  Sometimes, as actors get older and can make whatever movies they want, they begin to make Edgy Catholic films.  One of Edgy Catholic’s favorite actor/directors is Clint Eastwood.  Gran Torino features a nominal Catholic man, whose more devout wife has passed away, after instructing her priest as a dying wish to offer her husband the sacrament of reconciliation.  Now, we are just loving a movie based on this premise. We give the Edgier rating to be consistent with the R movie rating, for language and violence.  We think it is really a bit of a soft R-rating. We give it a the Totally Catholic rating, as we have some nice features consistent with the Catholic worldview.  We have a positive priest character, the sacrament of confession, and without spoiling things, we just mention that there is a Catholic spin on the typical vengeance / action hero plot. We put this one in the Edgy Catholic redemption story category.  Check it out at these links:

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