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Edgy Catholic Reviews!

Edgy and Catholic Ratings for Books, Movies, and Television Series...

Edgy Catholic will be reviewing Books, Movies and Television Series. 

Edgy Catholic Reviews will include an "Edgy Rating" and a "Catholic Rating."  We have a graphic scheme to demonstrate the ratings, which are as follows"



No Edge In Sight- Totally Family-Friendly and for all audiences.





Somewhat Edgy- May have some colorful language or more mature situations, or non-bloody violence





Edgy- May have some bloody violence or sexual situations, generally consistent with a PG-13 rating




Edgier- May include bloody violence, sexual, including gay situations. Generally an R movie rating.




Edgiest - Graphic violence, Strong Sexual content, Rape, etc.




Off The Edge- Extremely Graphic violence, Rape, extreme sexual situations., or just so much of everything that it is over the edge...





Anti-Catholic- Deliberately defamatory to the Catholic faith through misrepresentations and calumny.





Hostile- A generally hostile position toward the Catholic Faith, may include distortions that appear deliberate.




Critical- perspective is critical of the Catholic faith, but the faith is accurately described.




Neutral- Either the Catholic faith is not referred to at all, or it is accurately portrayed with no bias indicated.  There may be some errors in the portrayals of the faith, but nothing malicious




Catholic -  Generally consistent with Catholic worldview.  There may be some errors in the portrayals of the faith, but a positive point of view toward the faith




Totally Catholic- Content is Pro-Catholic, and accurately describes events consistent with Catholic ideas




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