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Dead Like Me

How Edgy is it?
How Catholic is it?

Dead Like Me is a series that originally aired on the Showtime network in 2003 and 2004.  We give it an Edgy rating and a Neutral rating.  Dead Like Me is a dark comedy, which we kind of like at Edgy Catholic, because, well, it’s a bit edgy to get a laugh at death’s expense.  We give the neutral rating, since there really is not anything anti-Catholic, and it does deal with life after death, so there’s something in common with the Catholic worldview.  But, the writer’s do their best to genericize the afterlife, not taking sides on who goes where, but focusing on explaining to the deceased that, yeah, well, you can’t stay here, you have to move on.

Dead Like Me has clever writing and decent acting, and has fun with a serious subject.  We liked this one at Edgy Catholic, even though it’s not very Catholic.

We have to like a story about a surly teen who is killed by a toilet seat from a space station breaking up as it re-enters the atmosphere.  We’re just edgy that way…

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