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Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Season 1

How Edgy is it?
How Catholic is it?

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 1 is a Netflix release in 13 Episodes.  We are giving this the Edgy rating of Edgiest and the Catholic rating of Neutral.  In fact, we think it is nearly Off The Edge.  But, it is a daring attempt at transforming the super hero genre into something more real and more frightening, and well, edgier.  The concept is a superhero suffering from PTSD from an encounter with a super villain with mind control powers.  The villain is a complete psychopath, and his ability to make anyone do anything he wishes is completely terrifying, and the script goes to some very dark places, indeed.

But, the story does not involve any criticism of religion, though we suspect the Jessica Jones character would be quite cynical about religion, as she is quite cynical about everything else.  What makes the story intriguing is the conscience of the Jones character in the face of the psychopathic villain, and her determination to stop him from hurting others, rather than succumbing to her natural instinct to flee.  There is an underlying moral ethic in this very human character that makes the story interesting, even if it avoids putting this moral ethic into religious context.

But, wow!  It is edgy!  There are overt simulated sexual situations, including lesbian situations, though no nudity, lesbian marriage, lesbian divorce, rape, suicide, violence including a severed head dumped onto a police detective’s desk.  But, the most disturbing thing about the show is the absolute power to control people, and make them do completely awful and violent things to themselves and others.  And, having full knowledge of what they have done while under the influence of the villain, the guilt and remorse his victims experience for sins they could not be held accountable for.

We strongly recommend that no one under age 17 watch this one.

Here are some links where you can purchase the series on Amazon:

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