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Portraits, Poems & Heroin: Thirty Souls Tell the Story


We’re giving Portraits, Poems & Heroin: Thirty Souls Tell the Story an edgy rating of Edgy and a Catholic rating of Neutral.  It’s edgy because it deals with death by overdose, which is difficult subject matter.  We consider this one Christian but not Catholic, and it just misses a Catholic rating because there are likely places where theologians might dispute the assumptions made on the state of souls in the afterlife.

Portraits, Poems & Heroin: Thirty Souls Tell the Story is about tragic loss, however.  We give leeway to those who have lost loved ones to assume they are in a better place, even if theologians might quibble, and only offer prayers for God’s mercy.

Portraits, Poems & Heroin: Thirty Souls Tell the Story juxtaposes 30 artistic portraits of actual people who have died from heroin overdose with short biographies written by family members, and a poem dealing with tragic loss. This juxtaposition of different forms makes the book somewhat more than just a book of poetry, and even more than a book of poetry with illustrations. It is more a work of art, a sacred memorial to the fallen in the battle of addiction. The effect is powerful, and heartbreaking.

EdgyCatholic.com highly recommends Portraits, Poems & Heroin: Thirty Souls Tell the Story, especially for those suffering from addiction and their family members.

  1. I like your edgy and Catholic meters–very original! It’s a fantastic way to allow the reader to know what they are up against in areas that are important to them before they ever open the cover.

    1. edgycatholic says:

      Yes, lots of folks are taking in edgy material that is against their values. The idea is to not only know if the content may be difficult, but if it has an agenda against what we are supposed to believe. I think there is space in material that is not family friendly to still uphold Christian and Catholic values. That’s what I try to write. But the safer and more profitable way to go is to keep preaching to the choir, and for heaven’s sake, don’t risk offending them…

      I loved your book. I think it has a very important, but difficult message. I think you may have something that can shake people up enough that they will seek help or avoid getting hooked.

  2. Hello Joseph, Anne Marie and I thank very much for giving “Portraits, Poems, and Heroin – Thirty Souls Tell the Story” a very good review with a bit of an “edge”. Mary Ellen and Anne Marie have teamed up to promote education and awareness about the ongoing opioid crisis and we hope this book and any subsequent messages they “preach” will help reduce the stigma of addiction and open some eyes and hearts to those affected by substance abuse.

    1. edgycatholic says:

      Thanks, James, and blessings on your work. It is truly heartbreaking to see so many promising lives lost to addiction. This book makes the devastating costs all too real.

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