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“…this religious thriller ventures to unexpected places.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Sometimes we must suffer if we are to save souls.”

Jesus’ words echo in a recurring dream to Lali Russo, a seventeen-year-old Catholic school girl.  

Lali wakes and asks, “Why that dream again?”

Haunted by her ominous dream, Lali prays the rosary at an abortion clinic, as she would on any other day.  Glancing up, a distraught, pregnant drug-addict approaches the clinic. Lali counsels the girl against having an abortion and walks her home where she meets the girl’s boyfriend, a notorious gang leader. Ralo glares at her, as sharpens his machete.  

“Go away, little girl, this is no’ ju beesness.”  

When the Wood Is Dry: An Edgy Catholic Thriller takes the reader on a journey of suffering that comes with the promise of salvation.  Lali Russo, a seventeen-year-old Catholic school girl’s walk parallels the Lord’s Passion as she confronts and impacts a world of evil in this thrilling, unique, novel.

“…A Book That Needs to Be Read.”

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Experience the journey in this new, Catholic Edition, without the raw language of the original, and with study questions pointing to the deeper meaning and application of the cross in the modern world.


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Joseph Cillo Jr.

About the Author

Joseph Cillo, Jr. an award-winning author of what he calls Edgy-Catholic fiction.  He fancies himself a fisher of men who has set his course for the deep waters near the edge hoping to entice the denizens of those depths back to the path of truth.

Put out into deep water and lower your nets for a catch. –Luke 5:4

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